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Cake - Roll - Vanilla

Product Description

A mellow vanilla flavor that is familiar, yet seductive. The flourless/gluten-free version will deliver the same amazing flavor experience as its flour counterpart. It is great for people who are sensitive to flour products. Thousand-layer cake in a rolled style which resembles the traditional "tree cake" (baumkuchen) that will make any occasion festive with a special touch.

About euforia Thousand-layer Cake

euforia thousand-layer cake stacks an amazing number of thin delicious layers all individually baked, resulting in a most unique blend of moist texture and decadent flavor.

In the old colonial Indisch-Nederlands community this cake is known as 'kue lapis', 'lapis legit', or 'spekkoek'. Our exotic cake spices originate from the archipelago which has attracted the Western World since the 16th century. With our unique baking process; and the perfect marriage of Dutch cake and Indonesian spices we have created the most tantalizing balance of texture and flavor that will launch you into euphoria.

euforia thousand-layer cake is made of simple, pure, and natural ingredients; without any preservatives or additives. It is also available in flourless (wheat-free/gluten-free) versions. The only worry you will have is making sure it does not disappear before your very eyes. Enjoy with your favorite tea, coffee, or even wine.

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