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Chocolate Blackout Cakes

Product Description

It's simple. It's rich. It's all chocolate! This treat is definitely for chocolate lovers only. The Ultimate Chocolate Blackout Cake is a luscious, moist chocolate cake, enrobed in a rich chocolate frosting. This cake is beautifully handcrafted as well as delicious. DessertHub's commitment to healthy living means that all of the ingredients we use are all-natural - in other words, no artificial colors or flavors. You'll taste the difference! All-natural ingredients means that you get the natural benefits of each ingredient used to make these delicious cakes. Cocoa and chocolate can increase the level of serotonin in the brain and are rich in a number of essential minerals, including magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, potassium and manganese. Real milk and other dairy products combine to make this dessert a good source of vitamin A, iron, and calcium. Vanilla has trace amounts of the nutrients magnesium and potassium. The Ultimate Chocolate Blackout Cake is kosher certified and has been on "Oprah's Favorite Things" list for seven years. Each Ultimate Chocolate Blackout Cake is individually frozen for convenience of service. Serving this dessert to your dinner guests is just as easy as serving it individually.

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